Albion Falls | 阿爾比恩瀑布

In Hamilton, there are many falls. Albion Falls is located at the Red Hill Creek. If you click on the Google map in 3D view, you will see the Falls on the map. It is a stepped and cascade waterfall with about 18 m wide and 19 m tall over the Niagara Escarpment. The best time of the day to view the fall is in the early morning because it faces to the east.

There are two parking lots. One is very close to the Fall that you can view the Fall from a distance at a viewing platform. I have found some pictures which people took at the bottom of the fall. However, it has no proper access provided by the government. We saw a sign warning people who want to get down to the bottom of the fall. In fact, there are some narrow paths at the edge of the escarpment leading down but we did not want to try.

Instead, we follow the trail and enjoy a warm day walk. The ground is filled with the falling leaves. Lots of sunshine in the woods through the trees. The trails are easy to walk. Some people try to look down to the valley from the edge. It is quite dangerous because there is no the safety barriers along the escarpment.

The waterfall is not only beautiful but also carries a Lover’s Leap legend. The story is in the early 19th century, a young Jane Riley stood at the top of a steep cliff not far from Albion Falls and jumped to the bottom 100 ft (30 m) below. The place has since been called “Lover’s Leap".

愛民頓是一個瀑布城市。而阿爾比恩瀑布(Albion Falls)就坐落在紅山溝,在谷哥立體地圖上,可清楚看到瀑布一級級的樣貎。它大概有18米闊及19米高。由於瀑布面向東方,所以早上是觀賞的最好時間。



阿爾比恩瀑布除了美麗之外,還有一個戀人跳崖的傳說。 故事發生於十九世紀初,簡·萊利(Jane Riley)由於愛情煩腦,站在陡峭的懸崖頂上,一躍而下。從此以後,這種陡峭的崖被稱為“戀人的飛躍”(Lover's Leap),而關於自殺的故事也越來越多。

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