It rains... you feel frustrated when you are driving on a road. In the rain, everyone drives slowly. The traffic is slow or not moving. Listening to the music in a car and watching how rain and raindrops painting on the windshield. Enjoy the beauty of nature. Feel the positivity from negativity!

Commissioned cat portraits in egg tempera.

There was a plant in my house. It was sitting by the dinning table. I saw it everyday when I had meals. It was disappeared one day. I miss it when I look at the same spot and found it's no longer there because the plant is dead.

Tai O is also named as "Venice of Hong Kong". The villagers live in the stilt houses. I always want to know how it feels if living in these houses. Is it safe when it's hit by storm? 

Wooden Surface




The journey has started.....and keep going ....


It was once introduced by my friend about Pyrography (wood burning) and I really want to try something with it. Instead of doing a big whole piece, I would like to make it with small blocks in 3" x 4" each. The project I just started is called "Gardenmania". Without any plan or layout, I have decided to burn something related to garden in each individual block which connects with each other as a whole. However, no one, even myself, knows what will be next. And yet, no one knows how it looks as a whole and when the project is going to be done.

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