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Mono Cliffs Provincial Park

Located in The Town of Mono, about an hour distance away from Toronto. The trails in the provincial park keep surprising you with the variety of beautiful scenes.

We finished about 10 km hiking along the Cliff-Top Trail, Spillway Trail, and Walter Tovell Side Trail. They are the loops that connected. You will walk through the forests, slopes, and wooden bridges. The scenes are stunning. Pass by a pond which reminds me of the scene in the Rockies. I did a quick sketch here. The Fall colours decorate the ground with falling leaves and dress up the trees.

We paid $7.5 for 4-hour parking to enter the park. We spend about 3 hours on hiking including the breaks. On Cliff-Top Trail, there is a staircase which leads to a small cave. A wooden path is built so that people can walk through it.

Not far from the cave is a lookout. From a viewing platform, you can enjoy a panorama view of Fall colours. As the platform is not big enough for many people, we have to wait until people on the platform left for practicing social distance.

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