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You think I'm a vegetarian, eh?

You think I'm a vegetarian, eh?


圖像尺寸: 12吋(濶) x 12吋(高)

圖像連畫框尺寸: 13.75吋(濶) x 13.75吋(高) x 2.25吋(深)


About this collection.

Shipping fee is not included in the listed price. Please contact us for the shipping cost.

Colours may be slightly varied between the screen display and the real object.

只剩 1 件庫存
  • 關稅和稅收

    國際訂單在交付時可能會產生額外的稅費、關稅、費用等。 這些額外費用是客戶的責任。

  • 運輸和交付



    1. 自取
      如果您在GTA,您可以選擇自取,請 聯繫我們 取貨地點和時間。 

    2. 送貨上門(僅限 GTA)

      運費按距離收費。請 聯繫我們 為率。
    3. 多倫多以外/國際
    • 所有包裹在 3-5 個工作日內發送。

    • 如果您想捆綁物品,請 讓我們知道 以更好的價格一起運送。

  • 退換貨

    1. Self-pickup:
      Customers will pay if they purchase the artwork. No refund or return after the purchase.
    2. Door-to-Door delivery:
      Customers will responsible for delivery cost and get get a 90% refund of the value of the artwork if they cancel the order upon delivery.
    3. Customers who are in Canada but not in GTA or outside CanadaPlease let us know by email within 7 business days and we will try to sort out the issue. Customers are responsible to pay for the shipping costs and a 90% refund of the value of the artwork will be proceeded upon receiving the artwork in their original condition for the refund.
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