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Pencil Drawing - Vegetables

We have found some #vegetables and let's practice #pencil #drawing. We start from simplify the outlines of the objects into simple forms.

The peppers are simplified as paper cups. The pear has a small globe on the top of a bigger globe. The potato is a long oval.

Check the proportion and the positions of the vegetables.

Now we can refine the outlines of the vegetables.

We can shade the fruit. Building layers to create the values, different darkness and lightness of the fruit.

The value of the red pepper is the darkest and needed more shading. The lightest one would be the yellow pepper in the front. The values of the others are in the middle of the red pepper and the yellow pepper. Don't forget to put some dots and marks on the skins of the potato and the pear.

Finally, we need to put the shadows and..... there you go!

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