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Toronto Railway Museum

The museum is in Roundhouse Park. There are some trains displayed here. They have tours, exhibits, and educational programs to know more about Toronto’s railway heritage. Visitors can visit the interiors. However, it's close because of the pandemic.

We planned to go to a park in the north but accidentally drove on the southbound highway. So we decided to go to the Toronto Railway Museum. We were surprised that the parking was free today. Here is downtown after all.

It was a sunny warm day. The dandelion is dancing in the wind. Some people are enjoying the sun tan with their swimming suits on the grass. Some are playing with their dogs. We saw a tiny little dog running on the grass. It is very tiny that the size is barely bigger than a pigeon's. The kids climb up to the trains but they cannot get in the cabins. A tattooed girl, wearing a short and a

tank top, plays inline skate round and round. She added the energy in the park. A couple with a three-legged dog just arrived at the grass behind where we are sitting. The dog is a bit lazy but he gets up to catch a ball

when the guy throws it.

Sitting on the bench next to mine is a woman. She is waiting for her son and husband. I like to have her in my picture. The perspective of the brown train is not quite right.

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