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Scarborough Bluffs

We bought fish and chips from St. Andrews Fish & Chips, recommended by a friend, and picnic at Bluffers Park today. Then we walked along the shore. It was a very windy day. The waves were much stronger. We stood there. Watching the waves hitting the shore is a kind of peace in mind.

We kept walking towards the Bluffs but the path was blocked for the construction. So we took a uphill trail that we haven't tried before. The scene was beautiful. There is a bond where you can view the Bluffs. The refection of the sky on the water surface is scenic. Follow the trail, you will reach the beach where the base of the Bluffs.

Bluffs stand at the Lake Ontario shore for about 15 km long, from the west, Eastern Beaches of Toronto, to the east, the East Point Park. The Scarborough Bluffs are formed by the accumulation of sedimentary deposits over 12,000 years ago. It the natural process of wind and water erosion from Lake Ontario.


今天我們去了朋友介紹的St. Andrews Fish & Chips買了炸魚薯條到士嘉堡懸崖公園野餐。我們沿著湖邊行了一會,風很大,浪也比平時大,拍打岸邊石頭,淺起水花。我們站在這裡一直看著浪去浪來,又再淺起水花,有點冥想的感覺。


士嘉堡懸崖由東面East Point Park伸展到西面的多倫多Eastern Beaches,共太約15km長。直立的懸崖是經過了超過12,000年天然風化和由沉積岩堆積而成。

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