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Peterborough Lift Lock

I came here a few times but again I missed the riverboat cruise. If we want to take it, we have to come again another day. Hence, we went to the riverside and watched the lift lock operation. The weather was fantastic!

Peterborough Lift Lock is the 21st of 45 in total on Trent Severn Waterway. It is the highest hydraulic lift lock in the world with 36.6m height. There are only two hydraulic lift locks in the waterway. It opened on July 9, 1904 to the public. The visitors can take a riverboat cruise or ride their own vessels to use this lift lock. The fee is also very reasonable.

To travel between the rivers with different elevations, vessels have to use this lift lock. There are two caissons to ascend and descend the vessels. When one caisson moves up, another caisson moves down at the same time by using only gravity.

More sketches and plein air paintings, please click here.

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