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Niagara Glen

There is parking available at the Niagara Glen Nature Centre. As we walk towards the edge, near the safety barriers, we are immediately drawn to the breathtaking view of the Niagara River and the Gorge. While it resembles the Elora Gorge, the Niagara River is wider, creating a magnificent spectacle. Moreover, the colors in the surroundings start to change, adding to the enchantment.

There is a trail map displaying various hiking paths deep within the Niagara Gorge. The trails are clearly shown on the Google Map, and the symbols on the path are tremendously helpful for navigation. Adjacent to the map, a metal staircase catches our attention, leading us down to the Cliffside Trail. From there, we can peer down from a considerable height, evoking a sense of thrill, particularly on windy days. With the Niagara Gorge towering at around 167 ft (equivalent to approximately 16 floors), including the heights of the metal staircase and the descending trails, we continue our journey by turning into the River Trail from the Cliffside trail. As we traverse the rugged paths through the unique Carolinian Forest, the top of the gorge becomes obscured. Accompanying our hike is the constant noise of a jet boat speeding along the river, with its adventurous passengers thoroughly enjoying the experience.

The River Trail closely follows the river, and we finally reach the picturesque scene at Cripps Eddy. Ahead lies a junction where the River Trail meets the Whirlpool Trail, leading to the magnificent Whirlpool. However, we decide not to proceed further, considering the climb back would require more strength and energy.

On our ascent, we opt for the Eddy Trail, which intersects with the Cliffside Trail at the end. The staircase proves challenging, and I find myself needing to stop and rest at times. Climbing upstairs can be incredibly tiring. Upon reaching the metal staircase once again, we successfully complete our hike. Niagara Glen is an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts, offering striking views of the rapid waters of the Niagara River, adorned with unique plant life and rocks. Over the past 12,500 years, the Falls have carved the Niagara Gorge from Queenston to Niagara Falls, leaving behind a breathtaking natural wonder.

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