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My Sketching tools | 我的寫生工具

I fell in love with this small metal Rembrandt watercolour set pans when I first saw it in an art store. It was my first paint set for my plein air sketching. I love it very much. The flip is a palette for mixing colours.

Another paint box was from a lip colours cosmetic case. I removed the tray and installed the pan containers with bluestik. On the case cover, I decorated it with the dot stickers. It is also useful to have colour charts for the paints. The water container is a plastic bill bottle. Surprisingly it didn't leak at all. More and more paints have been bought, so I need a bigger box. I squeezed the paints from the tubes to the pans, and stuck them with bluestik.

有次在美術用品公司看到一個Rembrandt 的水彩金屬盒便愛上了它。這個就是我第一盒寫生工具。 一直都很喜歡用它,打開之後有有另一塊可以用來調色的地方。


After a few years, I went back to a smaller size. I put some pans and a short brush in a pillbox bought from the drug store.

One of my outdoor easels was transformed from a regular camera tripod. Drill a small hole at the centre of a wooden panel and place it on the tripod's quick release plate. To put your painting panel on the tripod, just clip it together with the small wooden panel with a document clip.

The stool was available from an outdoor camping equipment store. The folded bucket was from an art supplies store. All set. Let's get started!


過了幾年,又喜歡用小的,就把一個藥盒改裝了,還可放一支很短的筆,把這個盒放在手袋,也可去寫生。 至於畫架,我只是用了一般相機用的三腳架。在一塊薄的木板中間上鑽一個洞,然後安裝在腳架上。再用夾文件用的黑夾子把這塊板和畫板夾在一起便可寫生。 小摺椅是在賣露營用品的地方買的,而可摺疊的水桶是在美術用品公司買的。現在所有東西都預備好,我們去寫生吧!

More sketches and plein air paintings, please click here.

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