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Fruit - A Pencil Drawing | 生果鉛筆素描

It is very easy to grab some fruit from your fridge and practice #pencil #drawing. In this exercise, let’s warm up with some simple forms.


Choose an apple, an orange and a lemon. Then place them on a flat surface before we started to draw.

Simplify their shapes to an oval for the lemon, a globe for the Orange and a cylinder with a larger circumstance on the top as an apple. We can also draw the axis of each fruit to help us to build the geometric forms.

Check the proportion and the positions of the fruit.

Now we can refine the outlines of the fruit.

Then we can mark the dark areas by shading them briefly. The shadows are outlined.

We can shade the fruit. Building layers to create the values, different darkness and lightness of the fruit.

For the apple, the value is overall darker than the others. We need to shade more on the apple.

The shadows are also shaded. The closer the fruit, the darker the shadows are.

Finally, we can add shades to the background behind the orange.

一個檸檬和一個蘋果, 放在一個平面上邊,然後用枱燈調校一下燈光,便可以開始了。

首先想像檸檬是一個橢圓形,而橙是一個球體,至於蘋果就是上面的圓形較大的一個圓柱體。我們都可以畫一條中軸線,幫助我們決定物體的方向。基本上我們首先要把物體用簡單的幾何圖形概括了它複雜的外型。 完成以後,我們要看清楚物件之間的大小比例和位置對不對。作適當的修改後,我們可以修改一下生果的外型線。 之後我們用素描的手法把最暗的位置簡單的素描下來作定位用,然後再描繪出生果影子的外型。 現在我們可以素描陰影,以不同的層次去創造物件的光暗部份。 蘋果的光暗值比其他的生果要深色得多,所以整個蘋果也要畫得比較深色。 最後可以把生果的影子都素描好,接近生果的影子比較深色遠離生果的影子部份可以較淺色。在橙和檸檬後面可以素描一下背景,這樣就可以更突出橙和檸檬了。

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