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Elora Gorge

Here is Elora Gorge in Grand River Valley. The admission Fee of Grand River Park is $7.6+tax per person in 2020. We parked at Key Marston parking and start hiking along the Gorge. There are many things you can do in the park, such as Camping, Canoeing, Fishing, Cycling, Tubing..etc.

We don't know where the trail entrance is. It is Sunday. Follow the hikers and you will find it. Yes! There you go! We first walked towards Wellington Road 7, the trail is really scenic. However, there are many trees blocking the view. You only can see the Gorge through the gaps between the trees. The Gorge is made of 22-meter high cliffs. The riverside trails have safety barriers to protest you not to walk too close to the edges which may be slippery. We found out that we cannot walk down to the river from this side of the trail. So we walk back and cross the bridge to the opposite side. When we reached the Tubing Launch area, we found a staircase to the bottom. There are many people when we climb down to the river. The scenery and atmosphere are joyful. People are busy with taking photos and videos. We saw a couple of tube players dropping themselves to the river. So much fun! A man carrying his kayak and starts playing here.

We left the park and went to Elora Gorge Lookout. It is a trail in Victoria Park. This trail also has safety barriers. We follow the trail and arrive at David Street West. From the bridge, we look down and take some pictures of the Gorge from a higher place. The colour starts changing. We hear that the Fall is calling.


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