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E.T. Seton Park


Toronto's weather is so unpredictable this season. It rains for a few days a week. Sometimes it is pretty chilly in May. There was a BBQ event hosted by the Volks club and we were going to join it. E.T. Seton is part of a chain of parks in the area forming a green forested corridor to hike along the Don River. It was a sunny day and I could enjoy the sunshine. I sketched the park while Will was enjoying the gathering with friends. 

I picked a spot near the flyover, Overlea Blvd, where I can see a high rise behind it. There are big trees in the front and some picnic tables are under these trees. Kids were playing the sprite scooters. I saw a mom and her daughter playing badminton. A family set up a grill for BBQ. The park was full of laugh and the smell of nice food from the BBQ. And of course, most importantly, full of sunshine.

雖然已經是五月份,但在多倫多天氣還氣變幻莫測,有時還是很冷。福士車會舉辨了一個燒烤活動,活動地點是E.T. Seton公園。這個公園是沿著Don河幾個公園的其中一個,沿著河流便形成了一條樹林走廊。那天天氣很好,陽光充沛,我們又怎能錯過。在Will和朋友歡聚,我便在這裡寫生。

我選了一個看到天橋的地方,天橋後是一座高樓,和前面的公園形成對比。天橋前有大樹,大樹下有些野餐枱。 小孩在玩踏板車,又有一對母女在打羽毛球。有一個家庭在樹下燒烤,整個公園充滿著歡樂聲和美食的氣味。當然,最重要還是天公造美!

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